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  • To obtain an engaging technical artist position at a game company that is excited about what they are creating. I am looking to work with a fun and talented team where I can really help to build some great games.


  • 12+ years of programming experience: Mel, Python, HLSL/Cg, C#, Objective-C, C++, Java, GML (Game Maker Language), Unreal script, and Visual Basic

  • 10+ years of 2d/3d experience: Modeling, Uving, Texturing, Lighting, Effects, Rigging, and Animation

  • Ability to create efficient tools and processes, and to teach the other artists to use them effectively

  • Very self motivated and work well in a team trying to get the most out of everyone

  • Skills to come up with intelligent solutions to any challenges that arise during production

Work Experience:

  • Avalanche Studios NY | Technical Artist
    From: 08/2013 - Present
    Games: Just Cause 3 (XB1 | PS4 | PC)
    Duties: Shader development and built artist tools.
    Website: http://www.avalanchestudios.com

  • Inhuman Entertainment | Owner
    From: 08/2011 - Present
    Games: Mutation, String Theory, DNA, Continuum (iOS | Android)
    Duties: Code, Art, Design.
    Website: http://www.inhumanize.com

  • EA - Visceral Games | Technical Artist
    From: 01/2010 - 08/2011
    Games: Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel (X360 | PS3 | PC), Cancelled Project (X360 | PS3 | PC)
    Duties: Created all shaders and built some tools.
    Website: http://www.ea.com

  • EA - Pandemic Studios | FX Artist
    From: 05/2008 - 01/2010
    Games: The Saboteur (x360, ps3, pc)
    Duties: Created all effects, tools and shader development.
    Website: http://www.ea.com

  • Backbone Entertainment | Technical Artist
    From: 03/2006 - 10/2007
    Games: Monster Lab (WII), Sonic Rivals (PSP)
    Duties: Art sub-lead, tools development, modeling, texturing, and lighting
    Website: http://www.backboneentertainment.com

  • Freelance [Liquid Development, X-src, Corona Leonis, Avaria]
    From: 01/2003 - 03/2006
    Games: Damnation, Jaws Unleashed, Kohan II: Kings of War, Karaoke Revolutions Party, Mojo Master, Imperator
    Duties: Modeling, texturing, rigging, and animation
    Website: http://www.liquiddevelopment.com, http://www.x-src.com


  • Nanaimo District Secondary School: Graduated 2000, Nanaimo BC
  • Center for Digital Imaging and Sound: 4 Months, 3d Character Animation, Burnaby BC


  • Art, video games, programming, music, reading, skiing, skimboarding, and travel.